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Lee Harper – Owner / Teacher / Performer40 + comprehensive years playing experience. 30 + years teaching experience. Industrial Psychologist and corporate trainer who understands the learning process. In the beginning, “playing” the guitar is hard; however, it is one of those instruments that - once the neural connections are formed and the muscle memory is locked in - become easier over time. It’s that “over time” factor that prevents most from going beyond just strumming a few chords. . . and most don’t even want to think about Theory. My goal for each student? To become a musician with the guitar as the primary means of expression. To achieve the ability to totally express yourself, the specific goal is to become a Guitar Player - not a “rhythm” guitar player or a “lead” guitar player, but a Guitar Player. No one ever says to a piano player “so, you play piano. . . rhythm or lead?” - that would be ludicrous; but it’s a common question to guitarists. OK, there are leads parts and rhythm parts and some bands distinguish those parts with the role “lead guitar” or “rhythm guitar”. But that’s what it is – a role, not a goal. Rhythm guitar might be the limitation of some players because they wouldn’t or couldn’t overcome the learning curve…that’s why you need a teacher, a coach, a guitar mentor. Private and group lessons.One of the great joys of playing a musical instrument is interacting with other musicians. To facilitate this interaction, I encourage all students to attend the various pickin’ sessions that I hold frequently.CheersLee

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